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Website updates log 11-Oct-2019


2019 Season documents, schedule, directions, etc.

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Men, women, co-ed, under 30, over 30, over 40, over 50, over 60... Are you a player looking for a team to play on? Indoor, outdoor... Are you a club looking for a league to play in? Do you want to be a referee, get qualified, etc.? Do you want to coach a youth soccer team? What about youth soccer camps? Need to know more about soccer in Connecticut?
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Find age and gender appropriate leagues at the CSSA Website
Connecticut Soccer Hall of Fame annual inductions are conducted at the end of every January

PLAYERS WANTED! -- updated 07-Aug-2019
Over-30, Over-40, Over-50 and Over-60

NEW TEAMS WANTED! -- updated 28-Nov-2018

New Team Application forms
Over-30, Over-40, Over-50 and Over-60

Need help finding an outdoor team to play on?
Over-30, Over-40, Over-50 and Over-60.
Or at the
CSSA Website.

Indoor soccer facilities in Connecticut


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SASL Team Photographs Galleries since year 2000
Over-30, Over-40, Over-50 and Over-60 leagues and tournaments, and including Over-35, Over-45, Over-55 and 0ver-65 tournaments
-- updated 11-Oct-2019 (See Log of Website Updates)

The 2019 Season April 14th, 2019 through November 2019, including CSSA State Cup games

*Spinning Ball*

This Week's Results for October 3rd and 6th SASL league games -- updated 11-Oct-2019

2019-20 CSSA State Cups
Visit the CSSA Website for the OFFICIAL 2019-20
CSSA State Cup Results and Standings

Download the 2019-20 CSSA State Cups Application Form from here

The application must be submitted by October 20th, absolutely no later.
CSSA State Cup applications are FREE to enter

The 2019-20 State Cups will be World Cup-like group games
in November and the Cup Finals for the Over-30s, Over-40s
and Over-50s will be played in June, 2020
  Mirror links here on the SASL Website to the previous season's CSSA competitions:
2018-19 Over-30, Over-40 and Over-50 State Cups

STANDINGS -- and ALL RESULTS FOR THE SEASON -- updated 11-Oct-2019

SASL Over-30, Over-40, Over-50 Leagues Schedules & Match Information -- updated FREQUENTLY!
HTML and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet versions of the schedule are AVAILABLE NOW (subject to constant changes).
Also additional information regarding postponements owing to weather, etc.

SASL Over-60 League Schedule (for the Fall) -- updated 18-Aug-2019

2019 SASL Team Managers Contact Information -- updated 04-Oct-2019
SASL Executive Board, mangers of the Over-30s, Over-40s, Over-50s and Over-60s teams included

SASL Executive Board Contact Information -- updated 19-May-2019  

Master Directory of Playing Fields and Directions -- updated 04-Oct-2019  

* downloads *

Important SASL Season Documents for SASL Team Managers

SASL Downloads: Team Information, Documents, Blank Forms & New Team Application Forms
CSSA Downloads: Documents & Blank Forms, including COI, Player Injury Insurance Claims & CSSA State Cup Application Forms

Many are frequently updated. Check the date in this link and in the document itself, usually the top right corner

2019 SASL Rules & By-Laws (01-Apr-2019 revision)
-- updated 07-Aug-2019
(administrative changes, not rule changes)

A Review of the 'Laws of the Game' for Coaches and Others

LAWS OF THE GAME published by FIFA

Connecticut State Referee Program Website

CHAMPIONS: All-time SASL Champions and CSSA State Cup Winners -- updated 21-Jul-2019
All the champions since 1979

RESULTS: All-time SASL League Results and CSSA State Cup Results -- updated 21-Jul-2019
All the results since 1979

* All Teams *

Complete List of all Teams in the History of the SASL
Listings with name changes, their divisions, their finishing positions, etc., since 1979
-- updated 12-May-2014 (UPDATE COMING SOON!)

CSSA Over-30/40/50 State Cups History -- updated 21-Jul-2019
All the results and group standings since 1992

Nationalities of SASL Players (1979 - current)
-- updated 23-Dec-2011

* Executive Board *

History of the SASL Executive Board (1979 - current)
-- updated 26-Feb-2019

* Brief History *

Overview and Brief History of the SASL
-- updated 23-Jul-2002 (UPDATE COMING SOON!)

* Executive Board *

In Memoriam
Obituaries of former SASL managers, SASL and CSSA administrators,
referees and Connecticut soccer legends
-- updated 22-Feb-2018

* Evolution *

Year-By-Year Evolution of the SASL
-- updated 28-Jan-2000 (UPDATE COMING SOON!)

* Members' Websites *

League Members' Club Website Links
-- updated 19-Feb-2013

* links *

Important Links
FIFA links, US Soccer links, Northeastern US Leagues & Associations, Connecticut references, etc.