Shoreline Adult Soccer League, Inc.

Log of updates for the SASL Website. What's new since the last time anything was updated?


1. Fixed the link from the new Home Page to the new SASL Website at
2. Added the missing
history of scores and standings page tothe original Home Page.
3. Updated the
History of the SASL Executive Board following the 2022 Annual General Meeting.


1. This new "what's new" or 'changelog' has been added and a link to it on each of index.html and index2.html.
2. Updated the
In Memorium page for Alfie Campbell.
3. Added the obituaries (
alfie_campbell.html and alfie_campbell_obituary.html) of Alfie Campbell, the FOUNDER of the SASL, who passed away on 26th September, 2022.


1. The original home page, index.html, has been changed to index2.html and a new home page, index.html, takes the place of the original one. The new home page explains that the SASL Website has been "frozen" and a new SASL Website URL will be announced soon (hopefully in February 2023).
2. Updated the
original Home Page correcting the champions and runners-up of the 2021-22 CSSA State Cup (The were incorrectly backward; runners-up were champions and champions were runners-up).


Archive of all previous SASL Website change logs
Since when the SASL Website was initially created
at the beginning of the 1999 Season