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Shoreline Adult Soccer League, Inc.


2021 SASL Season

Sunday, 30th May, 2021

SASL League Games
Memorial Day weekend make-up games

Home teams listed first. All results are pending official referee reports

SASL Over-30 League
Current Over-30 League Standings

First Division All Over-30 First Division Results
Greenwich Arsenal 3 North Branford SC
score not reported
0 Forfeit. North Branford SC failed to show up
Second Division All Over-30 Second Division Results

SASL Over-40 League
Current Over-40 League Standings

First Division All Over-40 First Division Results
Vasco da Gama CC 2 Greenwich Gunners 9  
Pan-Zones 0 Waterbury Albanians 4  
Second Division All Over-40 Second Division Results
Derby Quitus 2 Guilford Celtic FC 2  

SASL Over-50 League
Current Over-League Standings

First Division All Over-50 First Division Results
Second Division All Over-50 Second Division Results
East Haven SC 0 Stamford City 6  
North Branford Legends 1 Zimmitti SC 1