Connecticut State Soccer Association

2012-13 State Cups


Results and Standings for previous seasons
he Men's Over-30 Cup was inaugurated in 1992
The Men's Over-40 Cup was inaugurated in 2002
The Men's Over-40 'Intermediate' / Over-48 Cup was inaugurated in 2012-13
The Men's Over-48/50 Cup was inaugurated in 2010-11
The Women's Over-30 Cup was inaugurated in 2012-13

Men's Over-30 'Major' State Cup -- concluded 23-Jun-2013
Men's Over-30 'Intermediate' State Cup -- concluded 18-Apr-2013
Men's Over-40 'Major' State Cup -- concluded 23-Jun-2013
Men's Over-40 'Intermediate' State Cup -- concluded 18-Apr-2013
Men's Over-48 State Cup -- concluded 18-Apr-2013
Men's Over-40 'Intermediate' / Over-48 State Cup -- concluded 23-Jun-2013
Women's Over-30 State Cup -- concluded 23-Jun-2013
  SCHEDULES (information is subject to change)
  All State Cups were completed on 22nd June, 2013

1. CSSA Cup and Playing Rules must be followed and be familiar to you, and are located on the CSSA Website downloads page.

2. The following policies apply to this year's Cup competition and replace or supplement anything in the official Rules:

  • The deadline to change field venue, kick-off date, or kick-off time is FIVE DAYS prior to scheduled kick-off

For example, the deadline to change anything about a scheduled Sunday 10:00 AM kick-off is the preceding Tuesday at 10:00 AM.
All changes must be agreed to by both teams and communicated to the entire Cup Committee via e-mail.

  • All fields must have CORNER FLAGS (EVEN ARTIFICIAL TURF FIELDS). Home teams who do not not comply will be fined $50.00, payable to "CSSA, Inc." before the team's next scheduled Cup home match.
  • "Rosters" and "Line-up cards" for this year's tournament are one and the same and your team Cup roster will be provided to the match officials ahead of time by the Cup Committee. You may bring your own Cup roster to the field, but only as a backup. The Cup roster provided to the match referees will be the ones used to check-in players. No pass, no play rule will be enforced, and any roster irregularities caused by using rosters provided by teams will be seriously looked at.

- Please communicate with your opponents and the Committee in a timely fashion so the competition matches go smoothly.

- All matches can be played "ON OR BEFORE" the scheduled dates if both teams agree and with the permission of the Cup Committee.

- PLEASE ALSO NOTE: CSSA State Cup matches take precedence over your league matches. If you do not re-arrange your Cup match before the date of your scheduled league match you must postpone your league match (or forfeit it). Please follow your league's rules regarding postponing matches, i.e., don't wait until a few days before or you could end up forfeiting your league match!

  The CSSA State Cup Committee announced the following dates, below, for the 2012-13 CSSA Men's Over-30, Men's Over-40, Men's Over-48, Women's Open, Women's Over-30 and Women's Over-40 State Cups.

Here are the major changes to this upcoming State Cup campaign:

Eliminated entry fee. This is an attempt to increase participation.
2. Added MAJOR/INTERMEDIATE Cup categories. This is another attempt to increase participation, particularly among the lower-placed and lower division teams.
3. Because there is no entry fee, teams cannot pull out after the draw date. This is to discourage frivilous entries. Teams who do so will be fined per forfeited Cup match, and, if fines are not paid, will not be in good standing with CSSA and therefore will not be allowed to participate in CSSA-affiliated competition (e.g., not allowed to play SASL or SNEASL league matches).
4. No Columbus Day weekend Cup play. Also, the Cup Final is pushed back to late June.
5. Team rosters for SASL teams will be secured from SASL Registrar; non-SASL rosters (e.g., from SNEASL teams) must be in acceptable MS-Excel format. No other file formats such as .wps or .xps, or Word, will be accepted.

Note also:

6. Entry deadline and roster "freeze" date are one and the same and are based upon the SASL fall 2012 roster frozen date.
7. Teams with bad disciplinary league records, and teams not in good standing with CSSA (e.g., teams who fail to return Cup trophies), will not be admitted.
8. Teams who wish to combine may do so but must enter as a "non-league" team and post a performance bond (see page two of the application).
(a) they do not like the roster freeze date
(b) they are not inclined or prepared to play in a likely mid-week quarterfinal or semi-final next June;
(c) they are not inclined or prepared to play in the Cup Final on a Saturday afternoon/evening in late June, in Farmington.

- All matches can be played "
ON OR BEFORE" the scheduled dates if both teams agree and with the permission of the Cup Committee.


MAJOR CUP: Division One teams and some Division Two teams
INTERMEDIATE CUP: Some Division Two teams, and Division Three and lower

1. Team allocation to each cup category is dependent on the total number of entries, and at the discretion of the Cup Committee. Additionally, less competitive male Over-30 teams (age permitting) may be allocated or placed in the Intermediate Cup with male Over-40 teams.
2. Historically, the CSSA has held cup competitions in three categories: Major, Intermediate, and Minor. If the number of entries warrant, a Minor Cup will be provided for.

Sunday, September 30, 2012
(late entries must be at least postmarked this day or emailed by midnight this day)

There is NO entry fee! Home teams will pay for the two Assistant Referees @ $50.00 each. The visiting team will pay for the Head Referee @ $75.00.

Official application form for the 2012-13 CSSA State Cups (Microsoft Word DOC file). Some basic, but important rules are also on the form.

Read the application carefully. Contact State Cup Committee Chairman
Rich Reddington, or Committee members Jack Testani or Steve Henderson, with any questions. Please get your applications in ASAP, and we look forward to another good cup competition this coming season.


- on or before Monday, October 1, 2012.

Group Match Phase (four teams per group):
- Group match #1: Sunday November 4, 2012
- Group match #2: Sunday November 11, 2012
- Group match #3: Sunday April 7, 2013 (this match can be played in mid or late November 2012 if teams agree and with the permission of the Cup Committee)

All kick-offs are 10:00 AM, unless otherwise notified.

Knockout Phase:
- Quarter-Finals: Wednesday, May 15, 2013
- Semi-Finals: Wednesday, June 5, 2013
- Finals: Saturday, June 22, 2013

All kick-offs are To Be Determined (TBD).

For the CSSA Cup Committee,

Dan Rooney,
President, CSSA