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''CT Soccer eNews' Email List


The 'CT Soccer eNews' email list is a closed list for news and announcements -- only I can post to it -- so it will be low in traffic, perhaps only two or three emails a week.

The list is currently hosted by Derby.org on an email server in England. The 'CT Soccer eNews' email list has it's own informational Web page

This email list contains players and team managers mostly, but also certified Connecticut State Referee Association referees, officials from various leagues and Connecticut State Soccer Association representatives. There is a fantastic diversity amongst the subscribers. This is why I now call it the "CT Soccer (Connecticut soccer) eNews" email list!

The main email everyone looks forward to during the season is when I update the SASL Website at
saslsoccer.com with scores and standings on Sunday evenings! That email isn't just to inform everyone that the results are on the Website, but it also gives a quick synopsis of how all the games went.

Another main purpose of the list is to inform everyone, when the SASL Website has been updated in some significant way, for example, new or updated downloads, or perhaps a new or updated page that everyone should visit for more details.

Other things posted are usually news items about adult soccer in Connecticut and perhaps some news from the world of soccer in general that may be pertinent to Connecticut, such as important rule changes and experiments FIFA may be considering. I have inside contacts at several institutions and therefore I may hear news before most of you which I would feel priveleged to pass along.

Before the SASL Website and 'CT Soccer eNews' email list it seemed only team managers had any idea what was going on during the season. Players, officials and other soccer people in Connecticut now thoroughly enjoy getting timely news and updates about Connecticut soccer news on a per week basis.

- Garry Archer

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