2007 USASA National Veterans Cup

Over-40 Champions

(THIRD year running -- see first time HERE and second time HERE)

Connecticut United Over-45 SC

(team pictures, below)

at Bellingham, near Seattle, Washington
on July 17 - July 22, 2007

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Hello All,

Gigi Garofano (of Club Napoli 'A' in the SASL Masters League) organised two teams made up of mostly SASL players to play in this year's USASA Veteran' Cup tournament in Bellingham, Washington state, July 17th through July 22nd. The teams were originally entered into the Over-45 and Over-60 brackets.

Tournament general information is here:

Unfortunately, note enough teams entered the Over-45 bracket and those that did were asked to play in the much tougher Over-40 bracket.

Without further ado, here is how Gigi's two teams fared. The results give below are from

Mens Over-40 Bracket (a total of 12 teams entered):

Group play:
Connecticut United Over-45
0, Sacramento Turn Verien (California North) 4
Connecticut United Over-45
2, Houston FA Over-40 (Texas South) 3
Connecticut United Over-45
2, CO/WA (Colorado) 4

The Connecticut United qualified in 2nd place to play in the semi-finals despite losing
all three games! They came second in the group (groups were 3 teams) by default when apparently either FTI Over-40 (Washington) withdrew or were kicked out of the competition!

The eight qualifiers were apparently split into two sub-brackets for the semi-finals, "Premier Division" and "First Division." Connecticut United were put into the First Division Semi-Finals:

First Division Semi-Finals:
Connecticut United Over-45
5, Ol? Gents United FC (Iowa) 0

First Division Final:
Connecticut United Over-45
4, Juventus SC (Boston, Massachusetts) 2

Veterans Cup Champions for the third year running!!!

Photos of Connecticut United Over-45 are courtesy of Gerrit Paasman and Raphael Zribi. Thanks, Lads!



Gigi Garofano receives the Cup!






Photos courtesy of
Raphael Zribi (left) and
Gerrit Paasman (right)


Gigi didn't have enough Over-60 players to make a complete squad for the Over-60 bracket, so he merged with a club from St. Louis; folks that Gigi's teams have been friendly with in the past (they've shared players before).

Mens Over-60 Bracket (a total of nine teams entered):

Group play:
Connecticut/Saint Louis United
8, Cosmos (Washington) 1
Connecticut/Saint Louis United
0, Fichte/Rams (Illinois) 0
Connecticut/Saint Louis United
1, Boston Veterans (Massachusetts) 2
Connecticut/Saint Louis United
1, Aloha United Over-60 (Hawaii) 0

Connecticut/Saint Louis United did not qualify for the Semi-Finals after coming only third in a group of five teams, but they just missed 2nd place by the skin of their teeth. If they had tied Boston Veterans, who came 2nd, Connecticut/Saint Louis United would have gone through instead. As it was they beat the group winners, Aloha United Over-60, in the final group game in what must have been a must-win situation and hoped other results worked out for them (unfortunately, Boston Veterans won their final group game too).

Dallas Legends (North Texas)
4, Aloha United Over-60 (Hawaii) 0

So, a mixture of congratulations and commiserations to all of Gigi's players! I've spoken to a couple and had e-mails from others and they have all enjoyed it immensely.

Gerrit Paasman (Connecticut Storm FC) wrote,

[The Final against last year's Over-40 Champions Juventus SC from Boston] was far from easy but we managed a hard-fought 4-2 victory. It was a great tournament again with perfect soccer temperatures and just a bit too much rain at times. However, playing these games against a backdrop of Pacific mist on one side and snow-capped mountains on the other... is simply spectacular! After days of 4:00 PM games, [the Final game at] 7:00 AM was brutal!"

Raphael Zribi (Trumbull Tip Top SC) wrote this report,

I got back from Bellingham on Monday [July 23rd] morning at 6:00 AM and went straight to work!

This year the Veterans Cup was very special to all Connecticut players. We had a tragic loss in our Over-60 team with the loss of the late Dave Carmody. At the opening ceremony, we had a minute of silence in remembrance of his life. Then Tim Bush, President of the Veterans Cup, made a tribute to Dave followed by long applause by over 2,000 players and followers. Connecticut United Over-45 dedicated this third straight victory of the Veterans Cup to the late Dave. We opened every game with a moment of silence for him.

Our final match began at 7:00 AM. It was hard to get to the fields before 7 o'clock! As you know Gigi was very determined to win the tournament, not just for us but for Dave as well. Our Final score against Juventus was 4-2.

At the awards ceremony, Tim Bush gave tribute to Dave again and gave me a new soccer ball signed by himself, his staff members, and all of the Connecticut United players. This will be given to Dave's wife Mrs. Carmody by Gigi personally. They all miss Dave.

One of Tim Bush's secretaries told me that Dave was scheduled to be with them on Tuesday the 24th of July for a sight seeing trip in Victoria, Canada.

We all saved our black ribbon that we played with each game in the Over-40 Division, and our players in the Over-60 team as well.

Once more Gigi has made Connecticut and all soccer communities of Connecticut proud. This is our third straight win and it is a great accomplishment.

P.S. The team from Japan is a perfect example to all Connecticut players to start an Over-80 league!"

Gigi's efforts to organise this for all these players are immense and his efforts should truly be congratulated.


- Garry Archer (SASL Executive Board)

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