USASA National Veteran's Cup
Over-45 Champions

Connecticut Over-45 SC

at Wilmington, North Carolina
on June 26, 2005

Connecticut Over-45 SC (2005 Season)

Picture: Many thanks to Greg Aimi (4th from left on back row)

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Hello All,

Below is an article written by Brian Boatman and he has given me permission to forward it to you all on the list. Brian is a former player-manager of North Branford SC's Over-30s team but is now currently playing in goal for Gigi Garofano's Wallingford NH United in the SASL Masters League. Many thanks, Brian!

Also, many congratulations to Gigi and all of the players who represented Connecticut in the USASA National Veteran's Cup in Wilmington, North Carolina. You have made us all very proud!

What about those Japanese players still playing soccer in their 70s, eh? Very inspiring!

- Garry Archer (SASL Executive Board)

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Subject: National Veteran's Cup Article for weblist
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Connecticut Claims Second National Veteran's Cup with Men's O45 Championship

With over 120 teams, 2,000 players and over 3,000 spectators Connecticut-O45 won the National Veteran's Cup Men's O45 competition June 26 going undefeated in all 5 matches and winning the Championship 3-1 over Showmars (NC).

The 2005 National Veteran's Cup was hosted in Wilmington, NC moving from Honolulu, HI the last two years. Teams stayed for 6 days on the beautiful Carolina Beach playing up to 5 games over 5 straight days.

Ironically it is the 5 year anniversary of the New Haven United team winning the O40 Premier Championship in 2000 at Nashua, New Hampshire.

This is the second National Veteran's Cup Title for Gigi Garofano as Team Manager, Coach and Player. For several team members this was their second title as the core of this team came from the current Wallingford NH-United O40 Team of the SASL Master's League. There were also team members from other SASL and CARSL teams as well as a few out of state guest players to fill out our squad.

2005 has been a massive comeback for Gigi Garofano. Everyone who is involved with his teams at the National Veteran's Cup owe him a great debt of gratitude for making these trips possible. I strongly doubt Connecticut would have attended this tournament these many years without Gigi's inspiration and hard work to organize us and lead the way. As many know, there was no Connecticut entry in the 2004 Veteran's Cup when Gigi was focused on his battle for US Citizenship.

Gigi knows how to take his teams to the limit as this is his 4th competition contested over the last 4 weeks (SASL League, CSSA State Cup, Oneonta NSHOF O40 Championship, National Veteran's Cup O45, O50 and O55).

Here are the O45 scores:

CT 2 - 1 Honolulu United (Hawaii)
CT 6 - 1 Palm Beach Ambassadors (FL)
CT 2 - 0 Shomars (NC)
CT 7 - 1 Greensboro United IFC O45 (NC)
CT 3 - 1 Shomars (NC) - Championship Game

The Florida team, Palm Beach Ambassadors is a former National Champion at O40 Premier. This game could have been a score of 10-10 and was a great example of what adult soccer can be as it was played with exception skill with many scoring chances created and some great defensive plays at both ends. In the end Connecticut made the big plays and finished its chances on goal.

Not to be forgotten, Connecticut also competed in the O50 and O55 Men's competition.

Connecticut 050 went 1 win and 2 losses and was eliminated in the group phase.

O50 Scores were:

CT 5 - 3 Living Dead (SC)
CT 0 - 2 Golden Oldies (CA-North)
CT 0 - 2 Tampa Bay SS (FL)

Connecticut O55 went 2 wins and 2 losses and didn't make the final.

O55 Scores were:

CT 3 - 0 Oklahoma United (OK)
CT 0 - 2 Golden State Elders (CA-North)
CT 0 - 4 Atlanta Select 55 (GA)
CT 4 - 1 Pittsburgh Greyhounds (PA)

Atlanta Select 55 were the eventual O55 Champions.

Both the O50 and O55 played some great teams, especially from California, Georgia and Florida.

All three Connecticut teams played with a lot of heart as several players were double rostered and typically played 2 games a day for 5 straight days in 85-90 degree heat. That is a lot to ask especially when several O55 team members are over 60 years old.

Their was a team of Japanese players between 70-78 years old competing in the O60 competition, now that was a sight!

It was also a huge honor to personally meet and watch Zequinha play for Zee's Dallas Legends O55 as he played in a few World Cups with Brazil with that guy everyone likes to call Pele. Zee's team made the final but lost 2-6 to Atlanta Select 55 who beat CT 4-0 earlier in the group phase.

Palm Beach Ambassadors O35 also sported a few English Premier League veteran's in Ian Bishop and Ivan McKinley on their way to their Championship who were fun to watch.

Overall Connecticut teams were a formidable presence at the Cup and represented CT with great pride and enthusiasm.

If you would like to read more about the Veteran's Cup go to

To see the brackets with results click on and then click on results. Team pictures coming soon.

Now that Gigi Garofano has won a Veteran's Cup at O40 and O45 I expect those O50, O55 and O60 Cups are in danger for the forthcoming years as he looks to complete his collection. I thoroughly expect Gigi will still be playing into his 70's so maybe by then they will have a National O70 Cup! If they do I am sure he will win one of those too.

So long from Wilmington, NC.

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