6th CT 60s Football Club Meeting

 12-a-side game at Connecticut Sportsplex, North Branford, CT


Recreating the 2010 World Cup Final, Spain vesus The Netherlands
In the real final Spain won 1-0, but in our re-enactment, Spain won 9-2 this time!

23rd November, 2014


Click on the thumbnails below to see the full-size photograph (approximately 12 inches wide. Main team photo, 25 inches wide)






The Netherlands drop back to defend

Spain's midfield have possession

The Netherlands' midfield spray passes around

Spain's defence break out





The Netherlands' defence chase back

Spain's corner kick floats into "the box"

The Netherlands will have a goal kick

The Netherlands position themselves, getting open





Spain attack again!

Spain control the midfield

The Netherlands' defence mark tight

It's The Netherlands' turn to attack





It's lonely being the Spanish goalkeeper

A midfield tussle for the ball

Spain close in on goal!

The Netherlands midfield have the ball





It's crowded in midfield

The Netherlands break out from defence

Spain win the ball back!

Spain press their attack!





On the injury list, Joe Dias and Abe Omonte


Reflecting on the 1st half

Spain are happy with their 3-2 lead





The Netherlands play the ball out of defence

The Netherlands' defence relieved from pressure

It's Spain's turn to defend

The Netherlands, preparing to shoot!





Spain (red) and The Netherlands (yellow)

The winning team, Spain