4th CT 60s Football Club Meeting

7-a-side match at Center Field, Woodbridge, CT


Recreating the 1986 World Cup Final, Argentina versus West Germany
In the real final Argentina won 3-2, but in our re-enactment, West Germany won 14-7 this time!

3rd August, 2014


Click on the thumbnails below to see the full-size photograph (approximately 12 to 15 inches wide)


Argentina begin an attack

Argentina's Afif Baz brings the ball out of defence

A tussle for the ball

The ball is centred into West Germany's box





West Germany make a break!

The ball control by the West Germany's Joe Vinhais is incredible! Step-over after step-over!

Now it's Argentina's chance to break away!

West Germany's 72-year old play-maker Abe Omonte is about to make another perfect pass



Argentina pump the ball into West Germany's box

Argentina corner... defended superbly by West Germany

The ball is played out of defence and West Germany's Karl Biewald gives chase

The pressure from Argentina is relentless, but West Germany hold strong



West Germany prepare their defence for yet another Argentina corner

They have played nearly 90 minutes in the heat and humidity, and it shows, the players are tired, but they must play on a little while longer

Intense pressure from Argentina, but the whole West Germany team has dropped back to defend the box

West Germany break away and catch Argentina all out of shape. Another goal will be scored and the game ends soon after





West Germany (white) and Argentina (blue)

Third from the right on the front row is the organiser, adminstrator, referee, substitute and ball boy!