Hamden Playwright SC's Trip To Waterford, Ireland

Arrived Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 -- Returned Monday, April 7th, 2008


Please note -- No sheep were harmed in the taking of these pictures

Here are a few photos of Hamden Playwright SC's trip to Waterford in Ireland. Eleven Playwright players travelled from Connecticut in a group of 16. Ten more travelled from England to join them, including two ex-Playwright players! Eleven more people joined them from Ireland. In total, 37 people were on the trip!

On the day of their arrival in Ireland, the Playwright lads immediately set about the "5 Pub Atlantic Coast Pub Crawl."
Notice there are almost no women about after the locals had been told of the invasion and warned to lock up their daughters and wives.


It's still their first day in Ireland and they're now a few beers for the worse on their pub crawl.
There are still no women about except for the poor lass they kidnapped from the first picture.
Her fate must have been dreadful. Just look at them as they ponder their evil ways.


On the evening of Playwright's second day in Ireland they played the first of their two friendlies against De La Salle FC (above).
Playwright assistant manager, Greg Burke, who is originally from Waterford, played for this team as a teenager.


Here is Hamden Playwright SC and friends who travelled with the team prior to playing De La Salle FC in the third picture above.
Playwright lost a great game 3-2, played in a great atmosphere with many new friendships formed.

There was a second friendly game versus Waterford Crystal FC two days later on the Sunday morning. The game ended as a 2-2 draw and was again played in a great atmosphere with even more friendships formed. Unfortunately, there is no team photo, because, and I quote their assistant manager, Greg Burke, "'Cos we were all hungover with no cameras!" Hungover? How can that be after drinking Guiness morning, afternoon and night every single day?! Darn it, I wished I could have been there...