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Simon M. Haddad

28th May, 19594th April, 2020

Simon, in 2019

Hello All,

It is my sad duty to pass along news that a former Greenwich Arsenal Football Club player and manager has passed away after succumbing to the COVID-19 "coronavirus" pandemic. His name is Simon Haddad. He was 60 years old.

BELOW are two emails of the announcements of Simon's passing from the manager of Greenwich Arsenal FC's Over-30 team,
Max De Paola and the Greenwich Arsenal FC club president, Lou Costantini.

I knew Simon a little bit since playing against his Greenwich Arsenal Over-50s team in the SASL Over-50 League. He was also their manager, so he sent me emails all the time, including score reports. I would also see him at league meetings. To date, he is the only victim I have known personally that has died of this horrible disease. I am so sad for Simon's wife and family. Rest in eternal peace, Simon.

My sincere and deepest sympathies to Simon's wife and family and to all at the Greenwich Arsenal Football Club. (Over-30s, 40s, 50s)

My appreciation to Mike Schechter, member of Greenwich Arsenal Football Club, for passing on the news to me.

- Garry Archer
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From: Massimo De Paola (Manager, Greenwich Arsenal FC Over-30s)
Date: Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 10:41 PM
Subject: Fwd: [GAFC] Very Sad Club News
To: Greenwich Arsenal Football Club Over30s players

Hi Boys,

It is with a heavy heart that I send out this email to you all. As some of you are not part of the larger Arsenal email distribution, I wanted to forward the below with the sad news of Simon Haddad's passing due to the Coronavirus. This is a tragedy and it affects the club on many levels as Simon was a great leader for the club acting as a club member, player, manager, friend, and father.

It is in this capacity as a father that this death particularly affects our little O-30 clan, as Simon was Ayrton's father. We are incredibly saddened by this news and our deepest condolences go out to Aryton and his family. There are no words for this loss.

Please, everyone on this email, take care of your families and of yourselves. Take the risks that this vicious virus presents as real and do your very best to heed all of the warnings and take every precaution to fight back against COVID-19 the only way we can, by being apart for now so we can all be together later.

Ayrton and family are still sorting out what comes next. We will be in touch with any more information when it becomes available.

Again, all of our love goes out to you Ayrton and to your family. I know I speak for everyone when I say please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do for you. Much love A.

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From: Lou Costantini (President, Greenwich Arsenal Football Club)
Date: Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 8:41 PM
Subject: [GAFC] Very Sad Club News
To: Greenwich Arsenal Football Club members

Dear Arsenal brothers and friends,

It is with great sadness and a deep hole in my heart that I attempt to write this email to you all with this terrible news.

I was notified on Saturday that Simon Haddad, club member, player, manager, friend, father, husband, and grandfather passed away after losing his battle with the Coronavirus Covid-19.

Like many of you I met Simon through the beautiful game of soccer when he joined our club many years ago as a member of the Over 40 Arsenal team. His strong personality was recognized immediately by all because he loved the game very very much and his fierce passion came out on and off the pitch every chance he had to express it. He then moved on to join our Over 50 Arsenal team until he severely injured himself not once but twice in which both cases required surgeries. Eventually he simply could not endure playing any longer and went on to manage the Over 50 team. Quite the challenge but Simon was all in and pounded that roster with information and a navy seal regimen like we had never seen before.

He spent many times chatting with me about goalkeeping, he knew quite a bit about my position because he saw his son Ayrton blossom into an amazing goalkeeper and go onto play at a very high level. He would light up with every detailed story he would tell me about Ayrton from how far he could punt the ball to some jaw dropping reflex saves that he had seen over the years. For those of you who donít know Ayrton, he is the goalkeeper for our Over 30 team which in itself made club history to have a father and son playing for our club simultaneously was simply amazing.

We laughed, we argued, we fought, and laughed again. We compared teams, he was a Leeds United supporter and proud of it. I can go on for hours talking about the kind of person he was but, I think many of you here already know. People say that time heals all wounds, but today I can tell you that's not true. Till today, I feel the same pain and shock in my heart that I felt on Saturday when I received the news. We thank you Simon for those years of friendship and camaraderie that you gave us. Thank you for everything that you did for the game, the team and the club. I want you to know my friend, we love you with all our hearts and that we will always remember you.

As we memorialize Simonís life, please reflect on what took his life and how important it is to take every precaution with yourself and your love ones to stay home and out of harms way of this vicious virus. It has taken one of our own and we must fight back with everything we have to beat it. Letís march on together, itís what Simon would have wanted us to do. Itís what Simon stood for.

The family is still sorting out arrangements and more will follow on how you might be able to contribute to our dear friend and his family during this sad time.

With love and concern. God Bless you all.

Lou Costantini
Greenwich Arsenal SC
---------- From Garry Archer, for all of the Shoreline Adult Soccer League ---------

Simon will be sadly missed as a valuable member of Connecticut soccer community. Our prayers and deepest sympathies go to his family from all of us in the brotherhood of the Shoreline Adult Soccer League.

Simon, from all of us here in the Shoreline Adult Soccer League, past and present, rest in peace.