Shoreline Adult Soccer League, Inc.

Teams Expelled in 2005 Season

The SASL Executive Board wish it to be known that referee abuse will NOT be tolerated. Teams pursuing this type of conduct will be severely dealt with upto and including expulsion from the League. This has been told by the Executive Board to the teams many times throughout the year. Despite these frequent warnings, the following teams chose to ignore them and abused their referees anyway. As a result, these teams are no longer playing soccer in the SASL.
Waterbury Iliria
On Sunday, June 26, 2005 Waterbury Iliria lost 7-1 at home to Westport FC in a CSSA Over-30 State Cup group game.

During the match one Iliria player was awarded a yellow card for unsporting behaviour and two other Iliria players were shown the red card, one for serious foul play and the other for foul and abusive language. The game was terminated early when the referee was harassed and abused by nearly all of the Iliria players and their spectators. The referee's report and supplementary report detailled numerous accounts of foul and abusive language and actions of harassment on the part of most of the Waterbury Iliria players and spectators towards the game officials.

To his credit, the Waterbury Iliria manager made every effort to control his team and spectators but was unable to do so.

A hearing was held by the CSSA Disciplinary Committee on July 13, 2005. As a result of that hearing Waterbury Iliria were suspended indefinitely from all CSSA, USASA and USSF soccer activities because of their actions as a team during the June 26, 2005 CSSA Over-30 State Cup group game.

In accordance with the By-Laws of the CSSA, that suspension was reviewed by the Board of Directors of the CSSA on September 12, 2005. The Board upheld the decision of the CSSA Disciplinary Committee and voted to expel Waterbury Iliria from the CSSA.

Iliria had the right to appeal the CSSA decision but apparently they failed to do so within the deadline. Effectively, while Iliria are expelled by the CSSA they are automatically expelled by the SASL.

Iliria had only played six League games (all losses), three short of half a season. In accordance with SASL Rules & By-Laws, rule J.2 (b), Waterbury Iliria's record is removed. Their results shall not count for or against the opposing team, as if they had not played in 2005, and the standings are adjusted accordingly. The following results are removed from the record and the standings:

  24-Apr-2005 Waterbury Iliria 0, Milford Amigos 3 (forfeit)
  01-May-2005 Greenwich Arsenal 5, Waterbury Iliria 1
  08-May-2005 Derby Quitus 3, Waterbury Iliria 2
  22-May-2005 Waterbury Iliria 0, Norwalk Mariners 2
  12-Jun-2005 Bridgeport Friday Knights 1, Waterbury Iliria 0
  19-Jun-2005 Orange SC 4, Waterbury Iliria 1
Bridgeport Friday Knights
The SASL Executive Board announced the suspension of Bridgeport Friday Knights (BFK) following allegedly disgraceful scenes at their SASL League match on Sunday, September 11th away at Derby Quitus.

At the 53rd minute of the match the referee sent off a BFK player for his second yellow card. The referee gave a straight red card to a BFK player in the 64th minute for "serious foul play" -- kicking a Derby player as he was going in on goal attempting to score.

The match got out of hand, however, in the 75th minute when a BFK player elbowed a Derby player in the face. The two players got into a fight punching each other. The referee sent off the BFK player for the foul and then sent off the Derby player for retaliation. BFK were reduced to 8 men.

At this point the the BFK players and the head coach on the bench and the BFK fans entered the field and hurled abuse and insults at the referee. The referee immediately declared the game over. BFK were winning 1-0 at the time.

If these incidents were not bad enough, they occured just three days after SASL President Ken Brown sent out a memo to all SASL managers with a spreadsheet displaying the red and yellow card disciplinary record of all SASL teams (Over-30s and Over-40s) through September 8th. The team with the worst record out of 59 teams? Bridgeport Friday Knights with 26 yellows and 3 reds. At one point per yellow and three points per red their total was 35 points. The second highest total, two other teams had 26 points.

What was disconcerting, however, is that Bridgeport Friday Knights are a new team in the SASL this season -- and are therefore on two years probation as per SASL Rules and By-Laws, rule D.3. They were not doing very well passing probation and appeared to have serious discipline problems on the field.

Therefore, the SASL Executive Board had no option to suspend Bridgeport Friday Knights as per rule D.3 and H.7 and award a 3-0 forfeit to Derby Quitus.

As per rule D.3 Bridgeport Friday Knights were invited to a hearing to explain to the SASL Executive Board why their team should not be expelled from the League. The hearing occured on Friday, September 30, 2005.

After the hearing, the SASL Executive Board were not convinced to allow Bridgeport Friday Knights to remain in the League. The Executive Board voted unanimously to expel Bridgeport Friday Knights from the League.

Bridgeport Friday Knights had played 11 League games, two more then half a season. In accordance with SASL Rules & By-Laws, rule J.2 (a), where at least one half of the schedule has been played, the results shall stand and any remaining unplayed games shall be awarded as 3-0 forfeits to the scheduled opponents. The following results are awarded and included in the standings (not including any games versus Waterbury Iliria):

  11-Sep-2005 Derby Quitus 3, Bridgeport Friday Knights 0
  18-Sep-2005 Bridgeport Friday Knights 0, Waterbury Albanians 3
  25-Sep-2005 Bridgeport Friday Knights 0, Newtown Salty Dogs 3
  02-Oct-2005 Orange SC 3, Bridgeport Friday Knights 0
  16-Oct-2005 Riverside Pincharratas 3, Bridgeport Friday Knights 0
  23-Oct-2005 Bridgeport Friday Knights 0, Norwalk Mariners 3
  30-Oct-2005 Bridgeport Friday Knights 0, Milford Amigos 3